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How to play ‘Packers’ on PS4: All you need to know

The Packers were playing the Packers on Sunday night, and they were getting the ball from their own bench, so they were in position to throw a pass in the end zone, but they weren’t.

Instead, the Packers ran out of time, and their first possession ended in a punt.

After the game, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he was glad the game was over before it got ugly.

“I was very pleased with the way that the game ended,” McCarthy said.

“We were in the right place, we had the ball, and we had a chance to win it.”

The Packers were also in position for a comeback, and the game went into overtime.

They were forced to punt because of an injury to receiver Greg Jennings, and then their third-down play resulted in a safety on their final possession.

The Packers had a 3-0 lead when their first-half drive ended in the red zone, and a missed field goal would have given them the win.

The next play, they drove and scored a touchdown on a run from scrimmage that led to an 8-yard pass from quarterback Aaron Rodgers to receiver Josh Huff.

But the defense made the tackle on receiver Jamison Crowder on the next play.

Rodgers and the Packers led the way with a pair of touchdowns, including a 37-yarder in the fourth quarter.

But then, after Green Bay took the lead for good, the Panthers came on and scored again, this time on a 21-yard field goal.

That score put the Panthers ahead, 24-20, and forced a Packers turnover that gave the Packers a first down at their own 14.

The game was tied at 24 on a fourth-and-goal at their 26-yard line, but a fumble by receiver Corey Brown kept the score to 25-25.

The Panthers scored the next two points, and that was the game.

The Packers, who won the NFC North last season and the NFC Championship Game last season, are now 4-1 in their last five games, with the last win coming on a 31-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre to receiver Ted Ginn Jr. in Week 10 against the Rams.