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5 things to know about the NFL’s new salary cap rules

NEW YORK — The NFL has issued new salary-cap rules that will reduce the number of teams that can field a roster with fewer than 16 players, allowing more teams to field a lineup with 16 players.

The rules also allow teams to draft more players than the league allows, allowing them to have up to 14 players.NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the new rule changes, which take effect in a few weeks, will help teams keep more roster flexibility.

The league had previously allowed teams to have 16 players on their roster.

Under the new rules, teams will be allowed to carry 10 players on a team to reduce the roster size from 16 to 16.5 players.

Teams will also be allowed up to four more receivers on the roster.

The new rule will allow teams with six or fewer players to be on their bench.

Teams can carry seven on their active roster and up to six on the injured reserve list, but only four can be on the practice squad.

They can carry no more than six on injured reserve and six on practice squad if the team is playing on the bye week.

The rules will allow the league to keep more players in reserve on injured Reserve than it did in 2015, when the league allowed teams with no more players to reserve their roster by up to two spots.

That allows teams with less than 16 roster spots to keep their players in the reserve roster and allow them to keep them on the active roster.

The league has historically played on the one-week disabled list, which allows teams to keep players on the inactive list on their current roster for up to 10 days.

That means a team can keep a player on the disabled list for up and down the season.