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Bears fans are making their own video game to celebrate All-Star Game

It’s a lot of fun to play a game in the sun.

But for a group of Chicago Bears fans, it’s been more than a little embarrassing.

The fans have been playing video games on their computer in front of the seats at Soldier Field in the hope of making their way to the game and, hopefully, winning some prizes.

For the Bears, this year’s game is their first since the 2017 Super Bowl.

They will host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in the rematch of the NFC Championship Game.

“It’s a little different, but it’s the same thing,” said Matt Stinson, 26, who is a backup quarterback on the Bears’ practice squad.

“You see guys going up and down, and I’m going up in the bleachers, and it’s like, I don’t know what to do, I’m like, this is the biggest thing in the world.”

I’ve been playing for like 10 years and I’ve never done anything like this before.

I don, like, have a game plan.

“But then, when the opportunity comes, I just have to go for it.

I’m just gonna go for the win.”

But the players don’t have a strategy for winning, either.

“We’re not thinking too much about it, because we’re just gonna be like, let’s go for this,” said Stinson.

“I know it’s hard, but we just gotta do it.

We have to.

It’s all in the game.

We’re just going to have to play the game, just play it like every game, and just go for that win.”

Stinson is one of the players who is hoping to be part of the All-Stars game.

“Just seeing guys like me, the guys who play, the ones who have been around a little bit, they know what it takes to be an All-star.

I just hope I can get my name on the list and be part, just like they did,” Stinson said.

For his part, Stinson wants to get in on the fun as much as he can.

“To be a part of something like this, to see all these guys in the stands, it just shows the caliber of this game,” he said.

“They’re all so dedicated.

I think the fans are just gonna give them the best time they can.”

While some are excited to get back to their games and see the stars of their own creation, the fans of the Bears are taking things a step further, creating their own game.

They’ve created a “Bears All-Spark,” a video game that is essentially a mockup of the game they will be playing.

The Bears are playing it on their phone in front the seats and are asking fans to give it a go.

“We don’t really want to do anything special.

We don’t want to take anything away from the fans.

It is a parody of the real game,” said Justin Lee, who has been an official fan since he was 10 years old.

And the Bears have no idea how successful their video game will be. “

So we’ll just go out there and we’ll go in there and get it done.”

And the Bears have no idea how successful their video game will be.

“It’s kind of hard to say, because there’s so many different versions out there, there’s not really a one-size-fits-all,” Lee said.

But he says he thinks it will be well received.

“To be honest, we’ve never seen anything like it before.

So, we’re gonna try it.

If it’s anything, it’ll probably be a little more fun than it was last year,” he added.