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Facebook Games: Facebook says it’s going to get rid of ads in its new games

Posted February 13, 2020 07:33:22Facebook Games: It’s the future.

A future where games are no longer driven by advertisements and publishers are free to make their games as they see fit.

That’s the message Facebook is sending with its announcement of a major overhaul of how games are presented on its platform, which was first revealed by Business Insider.

The announcement comes as Facebook’s gaming ambitions are on the cusp of reaching a fever pitch.

The social network recently launched an app that lets users upload videos of themselves playing games like Halo or FIFA.

It’s also set to launch a new feature called Game Shares that will let users share their game experiences with their friends.

“Our vision is to have a more open, collaborative platform for sharing game experiences across multiple platforms and devices,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook’s Games team said the change is aimed at making its platform more user-friendly.

“The core purpose of our plan is to enable games to be as accessible as possible to people who can’t play on Facebook,” the team wrote in a blog post.

“This means more features, better experiences, more tools and a greater degree of privacy.

The core change is the ability to share your game experiences and other user content in a more personal way with friends, or share them with your network as part of a public display.”

Facebook’s changes are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, and will see publishers, developers and advertisers move their business models off Facebook.

It also wants to take on a more aggressive advertising policy with its new offerings.

“We will be actively supporting our advertisers to make sure they have the best possible digital experiences to attract and keep users, and we will also be taking a more active role in the advertising ecosystem,” Facebook told Business Insider in a call.

“This will include a more focused advertising program on Facebook, and additional ways to engage with our community to improve our experience for our users and advertisers.”

It’s about giving publishers the freedom to focus on their core business, and offering our advertisers a wider range of advertising options to offer a wider array of content, experiences and services.

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