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How much do you spend on video games?

If you’re wondering how much you spend per month on video gaming, we’ve got a guide for you.

According to the research firm App Annie, the average monthly spend on console gaming, PC gaming and mobile games in the US rose 1.2% to $2,542 in the first quarter of 2018, with the number of titles and platforms increasing more than 12%.

The research firm says that while this is an increase, the number is still significantly lower than the amount spent on other forms of entertainment such as movies and TV shows.

App Annie’s CEO, Jonathan Katz, says the average video game price has more than doubled in the last five years, rising from $5.88 in the same period last year to $9.79 in the most recent quarter.

He said: “The number of people who play video games is growing at a faster pace than other forms.

The growth in the number and quality of games played in the home has also grown significantly, which means that spending on video game is a much more sustainable way to spend money.”

But the growth in spending is also a factor that’s driving the industry’s rapid price increases.

“App Annie says there are some clear winners and losers in the video game market.

It says the rise in spending on the consoles is a big contributor to the growth of the consoles and their respective hardware prices.

However, the firm points out that some other players are also getting an edge in the console space.

It also notes that the number one reason for the rise is the introduction of the PS4, a gaming machine that’s designed to deliver a huge boost in console sales.

Appbie says the PS5 will cost more than its predecessors and that it’s unlikely that it will bring in as much revenue as the consoles.

Its chief technology officer, Scott Meeks, said the increase in spending would be a factor in the market.”

The PlayStation 4 will bring a lot more value to consumers, but if you look at the growth across the whole market, it’s going to be a much bigger market for the PS 5,” he said.”

It’s going get into more households, and that’s going the console market.

“While the rise of console gaming is likely to drive the price of consoles, it doesn’t necessarily mean that video games are being priced out of existence.”

So it’s not necessarily that the video games industry is dying. “

They’re getting bigger and more powerful and more expensive.”

So it’s not necessarily that the video games industry is dying.

It’s just that they’re getting more and more valuable.