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How the NFL is using a virtual reality system to boost ratings

As an avid gamer myself, I know how frustrating it is when I try to watch a game with an Oculus Rift headset, only to have my experience cut short.

In a recent article about virtual reality, I talked about how the NFL was trying to leverage a virtual-reality system that would allow its fans to experience the game from multiple perspectives.

The company says the system will allow viewers to experience all of the action on the field and from the sideline in real-time, which will be a big advantage when it comes to live broadcasts.

While this is all very promising, it does raise the question of whether or not this is going to work out as planned.

The real problem with VR is that it requires a lot of setup and is extremely expensive to set up.

To solve this, the NFL’s VR plan would have to be completely overhauled, and it seems that it won’t be possible.

The NFL’s current VR system, which allows players to experience live gameplay via a headset, costs $599 and is designed to allow fans to see what’s going on from a few yards away.

The new VR system that the NFL has is designed for 360-degree viewing, and will reportedly run $499 per year.

This means that the $599 VR headset that the team is using currently is going up against the $1,799 Samsung Gear VR that the NBA has been using for the last few years.

This is why the team decided to use the $600 VR headset from the Oculus Rift instead.

To give the player a better idea of how the system is going, the team released a trailer that shows how it will work.

The trailer shows a wide-angle view of the game field and a close-up view of a player, where the camera will zoom in on the player.

This will allow the player to feel how they’re watching the game, and also allow for the player’s position to change as they move around the field.

This method will allow players to see how a player is moving, and what’s happening around them, making the game much more immersive.

If the NFL wanted to use this VR system for live games, it would have been a lot easier to use a VR system designed for watching a video, or even playing a game on your phone.

But because it’s designed for using virtual reality technology, the VR system will only work if you have a headset that can be used with a 360-degrees camera, and that’s not what the NFL wants.

This isn’t the first time that the league has used VR technology to boost viewership.

Back in 2013, the league had an Oculus virtual reality headset called the “VR Viewer”.

This headset was designed for VR headsets like the Samsung GearVR, and the technology that made it work was actually based on the Oculus DK1, which was launched back in 2015.

The DK1 was released in 2016 and was designed specifically for VR viewing.

The Oculus VR Viewer uses an array of sensors that measure your eye position, which in turn allows the headset to adjust the lens and other components of the viewer to fit your eye.

This technology is similar to how the Samsung headset works, but the headset also allows you to move around your viewing field in a virtual space, allowing you to see the field in real time and interact with it.

While the Oculus VR viewer was a great way to watch games on TV, it was not designed to be used for live broadcasts, and this was the reason why the league decided to go with the $999 Samsung Gearvr instead.

The problem is that this headset is a big step backward in VR viewing technology.

If a player had a Samsung Gear virtual reality setup, the player would have the ability to move about the field with a virtual camera and also be able to interact with the virtual environment.

This would be much more appealing to the viewer, because it would give them a greater sense of immersion in the virtual space.

However, the Samsung VR viewer only works if the viewer is wearing the Oculus headset, which would not allow them to move or interact with objects that are not part of the virtual world.

This also means that if you wanted to see a game live from a different angle, you would need to buy a Samsung VR headset.

If you’re an NFL fan, this might be a little surprising.

It’s no secret that the average viewer is not as big of a fan of virtual reality as they are of watching a game from a smartphone or tablet.

But if you’re not a fan, then why do you need to spend $999 on a Samsung headset that only allows you a 360 degree field of view?

This is especially disappointing because VR is an extremely popular form of entertainment for younger audiences.

The biggest reason is that the entertainment industry is getting better, and there’s more and more competition for younger consumers.

The fact that VR is the most popular form in which to watch sports, and one of the most exciting forms of entertainment, should be a selling point for