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Microsoft Game Developers conference 2015: A peek at the games, tools and services to keep you busy

Microsoft’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) is finally here, and with it the big reveal that Microsoft is bringing its own games to the platform.

The conference will take place on May 22 and 23 in San Francisco, with the full schedule available on the GDC website.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening.

Read more GDC 2015 will be the first GDC to be hosted in California, as the state has long been considered a stronghold for the games industry, particularly on Xbox and Windows.

Microsoft is also giving the event its own badge, which will be a badge that can be seen during the GDE conference.

It’ll also feature some of the games that were showcased at last year’s conference, such as The Crew and The Witness.

There will also be a number of new games to try, with more than 50 on the calendar, according to GDC.

The biggest news for GDC fans is that Microsoft will be launching a new Xbox Live app in the coming weeks.

There’s also a new mobile app called Microsoft Mobile Games, which is the first in the company’s Mobile App Store.

The first game that will be available on this platform is a free multiplayer shooter called The Crew, and the app is now available on Google Play for Android.

The company is also hosting a series of hands-on sessions that cover a wide range of games, including one about its new Office suite.

The second session, on Thursday, will focus on the HoloLens, a device that will help developers create experiences that are easier to navigate and use on the mobile device.

The app, which Microsoft will also release for free, is designed to help developers work more closely with the HoloVision technology that will power the HoloFi headsets.

A third session will focus in on HoloLens hardware, but the focus of the day will be on the new Microsoft Kinect headset, which uses sensors that are used in Microsoft’s Kinect-powered Surface Pro 3.

Here are the key points of GDC: • The Games for Windows 10 conference will feature a number on the Xbox One, with a number more planned for the coming months.

Games for the Xbox 360 will be coming later.

• Developers can expect to see a wide variety of new experiences, both for Windows and for Windows Phone.

• There will be two days of talks and workshops, including hands-off demos of new and upcoming games, Microsoft HoloLens demonstrations, and a panel on Microsoft’s HoloLens and Microsoft Office productivity suite.

• The Microsoft HoloFi Hub will be there, and developers will be able to collaborate and share information about their HoloLens experiences, as well as get feedback from other developers on how their experiences are performing.

Microsoft will offer its own Xbox Live apps for Android and iOS, and it will be running a free online service, called Microsoft Game Hub, where developers can connect with one another.

Microsoft has been a major partner for the Microsoft HoloWorks initiative, which aims to streamline the creation of apps for HoloLens.

It will also offer the HoloLab, a free collaboration platform that will allow developers to create their own interactive experiences.

Microsoft also plans to show off a new “Kinect 3.0” for Windows 8.1, and some games will run natively on the headset.

The keynote will also showcase the upcoming Xbox One X, which promises to deliver a higher-resolution gaming experience for Windows developers.

The Xbox One S will also get the upgrade to 2TB of RAM, as a way to give developers more flexibility in building experiences for the new Xbox One.

Here is the full rundown of what’s expected at GDC, which runs from May 22 to May 23: • Games for Xbox One will run on Xbox One and Xbox One Pro hardware and the Microsoft Store.

• Microsoft will host a number interviews, panels, and sessions focused on the Microsoft Project Scorpio console and the new DirectX 11 APIs it will enable.

• Games will be playable at 1080p on the 360 and 720p on 360, and 720/1080 on 360/Xbox One and PC.

• One-on-one sessions will be held at Microsoft offices.

• Live demos of the new Windows 10 games, HoloLens demos, and HoloLab demos will be made available for the first time.

• HoloLens will be released on October 11.