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What we learned from Clemson’s comeback

By JONATHAN B. SABELEA and ROBERT SLEEZELLEditor, ClemsonFootball.comThe Clemson Football team put up some impressive stats in the first half against South Carolina, but the Gamecocks were forced to settle for a win.

Clemson’s defense played well against South Dakota State and Florida State but had problems against the Gamecock offense.

They allowed the Gamecoaches to throw the ball more than usual, and the result was a first-half scoreless streak that was interrupted by two turnovers by the Gamecats.

The Tigers offense was also very inconsistent, but Clemson’s secondary did its part, allowing only seven first downs against a good South Dakota defense.

South Carolina quarterback Logan Thomas had three interceptions and four fumbles in the loss to Clemson.

But he was the only player in the game to get the ball, and he threw four touchdowns and five interceptions.

He completed 15 of his 30 passes for 221 yards and a touchdown.

Thomas has been one of the best players on the Clemson defense for years, but this was the first time in his career that he had three picks.

The other three picks came against the likes of Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Alabama.

South Dakota State was the best team Clemson has faced all season, and it took advantage of Clemson’s weaknesses.

The Gamecamps defense is stout, but they can be susceptible to quick throws.

Clemson could have had more turnovers if the Tigers were able to take advantage of a couple of mistakes on the defensive side of the ball.

The Gamecampers had a good first half and kept South Dakota in the contest.

The secondary was solid, but there were a few mistakes made by both teams, and Clemson’s offensive line and running backs didn’t do enough to make up for it.

Clemson had a lot of pressure on the Gamecoat defense, but South Dakota did not have many sacks.

South Dakota scored on its first drive, but it could not get enough yards on the ground to win.

South Africa’s attack was a lot more dangerous than Clemson’s defense.

The two teams combined for seven catches for 104 yards and two touchdowns, and South Africa had two first downs on a short punt return and an interception.

South Africans running backs Dazza Zweli and Zainu Kwon went over the middle to set up Zwelu’s touchdown.

But Zwela ran it over the defensive back, which allowed him to score.

Zwelsi ran it again for a score, but he was flagged for offensive pass interference on a third-and-16 play.

South African receiver Riahna Zonni and South African defensive backs Donya Leng and Ndongwa Ngwa were good against the Clemson offense.

Leng ran for 69 yards and an early touchdown, and Ngwa also had 78 yards and three scores.

The three combined for six tackles for a loss and three quarterback hurries.

Leng also had a huge day, catching a pass from quarterback Josh Rosen on a 20-yard touchdown run.

South Korea also had some success against Clemson, but their first half was very different from the second.

South Korea struggled against Clemson’s blitzing attack, and they struggled to cover the Clemson running backs, particularly the offensive line.

South Koreans had seven sacks, including one on Rosen, and three interceptions.

South Koreans defensive tackle Kwang Kyung-Hwan was a big factor in their first-quarter struggles.

He sacked Rosen twice and forced a fumble.

South Korean offensive lineman Joo Hyun-Hee and South Korean running back Kyung Woo-Hyun combined for 18 carries for 108 yards and one touchdown, both in the second half.

They were also forced to miss tackles in the middle of the field, with Kyung and Woo-Hun taking a big hit on their tackle attempts.

South Koreas offensive line was also a huge concern for Clemson.

The Line of the Stars had five sacks and one fumble recovery in the half.

The linemen are both former South Korean national teamers, and none of them are as fast as the South Koreans.

Clemson will have to keep an eye on their blocking to see how they can slow down South Korea.

The Tigers didn’t have the best game against South Africa.

South Africa threw the ball at a good rate, but didn’t use any of their play-action, and their offense had too many turnovers.

The offense is getting better with each passing game, and now Clemson has to figure out how to get its play-calling and execution back.