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When a video game gets really bad, I just want to get a gun and shoot some zombies!

The Next World, a site that covers the world’s gaming and technology news, recently had a story about a game that got pretty bad and ended up in the hands of a gun shop owner.

That video game is Dead Space: Episodes from Outer Space, which features a bunch of zombie characters.

The gun shop is a business called Shotgun Games.

The owner, Mike Stoppard, was kind enough to take a look at the game and post the story.

Dead Space: Episode 1 was a bit of a letdown, with a few bugs, but it was still a good experience.

The main plot, which started out as a mystery, was a good idea.

It was set during the zombie outbreak of 1984, which left an opening for a gun business that would sell weapons and explosives to the people of the world.

Stoppard wanted to make a zombie game that was both action-packed and fun to play.

The game was a combination of the classic zombie survival horror game with some sci-fi elements, but Dead Space has some unique gameplay elements, too.

For starters, you can take cover, crawl up walls, jump off the tops of buildings, and shoot enemies while shooting other zombies.

The weapons you can buy also vary from one episode to the next.

Dead Space 1 even had a sniper rifle.

Stoffard told The Next Wave that he had originally planned to make the game with four players, but he quickly realized that was a lot of games that are made with four people.

He said the idea of having four players in a game is “unnatural.”

Stoppards other zombie game is called Zombie Nation.

It features an arcade game that you can play with your friends.

There are also “survival games” and a variety of other games that Stoppards said “make you feel alive.”

Dead Space 2 is a sequel to Dead Space.

There’s a new story, a new gun, and a new episode of the zombie-infested Dead Space universe.

The sequel also features new guns and weapons.