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XBOX 360 Games Now for Windows 10 title Xbox 360 Games now available for Windows Store

Games Now is a great way to browse and discover new and interesting Xbox 360 titles, with new games coming to Windows 10 soon.

Today, Microsoft is announcing a new Xbox 360 game catalog for Windows.

The catalog is available now for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

This catalog will include a selection of Xbox 360 games, and the Xbox 360 app will support the new catalog, which is now available.

We’re excited to share this exciting new Xbox platform, and hope you enjoy it!

The catalog is currently only available for Xbox One owners, but Microsoft has stated that future versions of the catalog will also work on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

We expect to see the Xbox360 app support the catalog as well.

For more information on Xbox 360, please visit Xbox 360’s official website, and for more information about Windows 10, please see our articles on Windows 10.