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How the numbers play in the NFL playoffs

The numbers are in.

The Colts and Cowboys are tied in the NFC South for the final wild-card spot in the AFC playoffs.

The Broncos have a chance to pull off a historic upset over the Texans and Broncos could face the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

What to know in the playoff race:The AFC South and NFC South standings are now:The Patriots are the clear front-runner for the AFC title.

They’ll likely be the top seed in the playoffs and should win the conference title.

The Cowboys are fighting for their third consecutive NFC West title and have already clinched a wild-day home game against the Giants.

Dallas could face Denver in the postseason.

New England is still searching for its first division title since 2004.

The Panthers are trying to hold onto their first division crown since 2000 and are looking to end a two-year playoff drought.

The Seahawks are looking for their first playoff victory since 2005 and they’ll likely clinch the NFC West crown.

The Giants have clinched the NFC East and have a shot at a wild day home game in Atlanta against the Falcons.

The Falcons are on the verge of securing their second straight NFC East title and will play the Packers in the wild-night finale.

The Chiefs are looking at their second wild-play win in three years, with their win over the Colts giving them the top wild-man advantage in the division.

The Rams are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The team is looking to extend their winning streak to seven games, and will face the Seahawks in the championship game.

The Steelers are looking like a lock to win the AFC North, but have to close the gap to the Rams.

The Steelers have a wild Sunday night game against Cincinnati and could win their division.

What we know about the NFC playoff race now:There’s a chance the Seahawks and Steelers will win the wild day game.

The Chiefs are hoping to secure their second consecutive wild-season victory and should clinch the division crown.

Denver is looking for a third straight NFC West championship and is looking at clinching the wild season.

The Eagles are battling to keep alive their playoff dreams.

They have a road game against Atlanta on Sunday and could clinch the wild game.

If they do, the Broncos will face Carolina in the first wild-game of the playoffs.

That’s the most likely scenario for the Rams, who play the Falcons in the title game.

We’ll update this post throughout the playoffs as more information becomes available.

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