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How to play the How to Play the latest round of the HCS season at Gfinity 2017 – How To play round 3

The most recent round of Gfinite’s HCS Season 3 kicked off with the winners of the previous two matches playing a best-of-one match to decide who advances to the next round of playoffs.

As usual, this match-up pitted the reigning HCS Champions against the newcomers, with the two sides battling for the right to play a best of three series.

The winner of the best-out-of – three series is guaranteed to play in the next season of the tournament, while the loser will be forced to drop out.

It’s a good start to a great season for the HCA, as we now know that they’re going to have to face off against teams that have never played in the top four of the premier competition.

While they may not be the biggest teams, the HGC is a massive tournament, and having a good result could see them rise up the standings. 

“We’re confident in our roster,” said Gfins coach Mike Danker.

“We’ve got a good mix of experience and young players. 

 “Our players are really solid.

We have a good chemistry with our young players and that’s what’s going to be important going forward.

“As for how the match will unfold, Dankers team are set to face one of the favourites to make it to the playoffs: North America’s #1 team.

They’ll face off with two of the top six teams in the world, including one of Europe’s biggest names in Jesper “JW” Wecksell and the Swedish powerhouse Astralis.

They’re also likely to face some very strong opposition from the very best teams in Europe, including Team EnVyUs and Gambit Gaming.”

We’re looking forward to it.””

If we get two of our top six guys to play, it will be a great test.

We’re looking forward to it.”

While North America has been one of HCS’s biggest stars for the past few seasons, Astralis are the new face of the league.

They’ve made an impression in both the domestic and international tournaments, and are a huge threat to take out the big guns in the group stages.

In addition to their strong roster, the Swedes have the second best score in the entire HCS this season, after their own, and they’re currently the favourites for the final four spots in the event.

“I think that we’ve just really got to be focused,” said Caster, who has played for Astralis since January 2016.

“It’s always hard to get the results you want when you’re not on top of the world.

But we have a lot of guys who are ready and we want to make the most of our opportunities.

I think we’re in a good spot to make a run.”

Gfinity are also hoping to make history with their first round appearance in the HCT playoffs.

Last season they managed to beat the eventual champions, Immortals, in the semifinals.

This time around, they’re hoping to get back to their former glory and take on one of those rivals.

“We want to be able to play against teams from the HWC,” said Stemkos.

“The HWC is a very big tournament and we’ve never won it before so we want that opportunity.

We are very confident in ourselves, so we’ll play as if we’re ready to play and we’re not afraid to play with our nerves.”

As they’ve been doing for the last few years, Gfintech has been making it a point to have their team come prepared, especially for this event.

It’s a little strange to think that they were only formed as a side-project back in 2013, but they’ve already proven themselves time and time again, with one of their players having a great run to the final of the European championship last season.

“It’s nice to be a part of it,” said Alexei “Stemkos” Stremchuk.

I’m confident in my team and I’m sure they are.””

But, you know, we have confidence in each other.

I’m confident in my team and I’m sure they are.”

It’s going be an exciting weekend for all the fans who tune in to watch this fantastic event.

Tune in to the HCCV2 stream to see how you can win a spot in the playoffs!