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How to watch the Eagles game tonight on NBCSN

The Philadelphia Eagles will kick off their 2017 season on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

While there are a number of games on the schedule to watch, it seems like tonight will be the most interesting for me.

First off, I’m watching the Eagles play the San Francisco 49ers.

I don’t like the way the 49ers won the NFC West last year.

In my opinion, they should’ve won the division, but their playoff hopes were crushed by the Eagles.

They were only able to get two wins out of the game against Seattle.

This year, they’re a much more talented team and should be able to upset the Eagles in a game of their own.

Here’s a look at the game to watch: The Eagles will face the New Orleans Saints, a team that has been losing a lot of talent to injuries and injuries are bad for your team.

The Saints have been very inconsistent this year and they’ll likely be coming into the game with a lot on the line.

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s really hard to get a true feel for the defense when you’re playing on the road.

If the Saints can get the ball to the right guys, I think the Eagles can come out and do well.

This game is a game that will be played at night and will have plenty of fans watching.

For fans outside the area, it’s the only time the Eagles will be playing.

For the Eagles fans, it’ll be a big game.

In a lot that we saw last year, the Eagles have some good talent, but I think this is the team to beat.

This will be a great game to go back and watch in the offseason.

It’ll be great to be able play in front of the Eagles crowd.