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How to Get Your Own Fake Game of Thrones Shirt from Amazon – Part 1

We’ve all been there: You’re trying to figure out how to get your own fake Game of the Thrones shirt from Amazon.com.

It’s the stuff of legend and legend only you can actually get.

And we’ve got the best solution.

We’ve got you covered with the tips below to get you started.1.

Make sure you have a credit card and PayPal account to make purchases.2.

Be sure to have a valid Amazon account.

If you don’t have one, you can set up an Amazon account at your favorite retailer (i.e.

Amazon, Walmart, Target).3.

Make the purchase.

Go to the Amazon Payments page on the site and log in.

Make a purchase of $30 or more.

Once you’re in the Amazon checkout process, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and enter the amount.

The amount is deducted from your credit card or PayPal account once you make your purchase.4.

Go back to the page where you made the purchase and select the ‘Payment’ button.

Enter the payment amount, and you’re done.5.

Go into the ‘Game of Thrones’ section on Amazon.

It’ll look like this:If you can’t get a shirt with the shirt on, just check out the “Amazon Store” section of the Amazon store and you’ll find the shirt.