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How to win chess in the world

The grand masters of chess are back and they’re not doing it on their own.

The first ever chess tournament organised by the World Chess Federation, the World Championship for Chess, has been organised by Chess Federation International (CFI) for the first time.CFI Chairman, Alexander Grischuk, has said the World Championships for Chess was not for everyone.

The organisers have also set up a new website www.worldchess.com, where fans can watch the grandmasters’ matches and sign up to be a part of the tournament.CIFF President, Paul Oudts, has also set the theme of this year’s tournament “Chess is a global sport, and chess is part of that global sport”.

Ahead of the event, the players of the world’s top teams will take part in a live simulcast on CFI’s YouTube channel.

The tournament has been designed to provide the best possible viewing experience for the fans.

“The main purpose of the game is to learn, and to experience the beauty and complexity of the chess game.

It is not for the spectators to enjoy this experience”, said CFI Chairman.

Oudts also highlighted the importance of having a healthy, positive and fun atmosphere for the participants.

“It is very important that the chess players have a positive and positive atmosphere,” he said.

The World Championship is also expected to generate significant economic and cultural impact for the country of the World.

CFI has organised a two-day tournament in India with a total prize purse of $20 million.CITIZEN’S VIEW: Chess has been the world chess champion since 1997.

Chess is a sport of global appeal, where players of all nationalities compete for the title of the best chess player in the whole world.

There are many facets to this sport and it is also a sport that provides opportunities to all citizens.