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The Washington Redskins need to sign a quarterback to help them win a playoff game

The Washington Capitals have shown that they are willing to trade down and acquire a quarterback in order to acquire a player to help the team win a game.

Now, the Washington Redskins have to decide whether they want to move up in the draft and select one of the top quarterbacks available, or if they will simply wait and see how their draft position pans out.

The Washington Capitals are the reigning Stanley Cup champions, and have the potential to repeat as champions this year.

The team’s offensive talent is unmatched and their defense is strong enough to win a championship.

The Capitals have an opportunity to win their first Stanley Cup in 25 years in 2018.

The Washington Wizards, who have a great chance to repeat, have the best chance to win the Eastern Conference.

The team that the Capitals have most of the success on the offensive side of the ball, the Philadelphia Flyers, have struggled mightily on the defensive side of it, as well.

However, the team that has the most success on both sides of the puck, the New York Islanders, has the biggest chance of winning the Atlantic Division.

The New York Rangers are the only team to win two Stanley Cups, and they are headed into the 2019-20 season in the second-worst spot in the Metropolitan Division.

They have the chance to be the Eastern conference champions, but their record shows that they have not been able to win in the playoffs.

If the Capitals decide to go with the former, the two top quarterbacks that the team is most likely to select, either DeShone Kizer or Paxton Lynch, will be available.

The Rangers are known for being able to draft and develop quarterbacks, and it’s likely that they will take a quarterback like Kizer.

He is a proven NFL quarterback who was drafted by the New England Patriots, but was traded to the Carolina Panthers after just one season.

Kizer is also a big time passer who has made the Pro Bowl four times, and is the team’s top passer in 2017.

He would be a natural fit in Washington, and he could be a great addition to the team.

Lynch is a big-time college football quarterback, and while he has been criticized for his poor play, he could help Washington in the NFL.

Lynch has played in four Pro Bowls, and has been one of Carolina’s top players this season.

Lynch would bring a lot to the offense, and could help the Redskins with their ability to run the ball and score touchdowns.

Kizer has shown that he is a franchise quarterback in the league, but the team needs to make sure that they select a quarterback with experience to be a viable option.

He has never played for the New Orleans Saints, and the Washington team is going to need him to play well in the pros.

The New York Jets, on the other hand, could be the perfect team to take a shot at drafting a quarterback, as they have a strong defensive line.

The Chicago Bears have shown they can win games in the AFC North and are headed to the playoffs this season, and this is a team that is known for their offensive talent.

They are also a team known for bringing in talent in free agency, so they could help any team that needs a quarterback.

A player like Kirk Cousins, a quarterback who is highly regarded by all experts, is the ideal candidate for the Washington Capitals to take on this year in order for them to be able to grab a quarterback of their own.

The Capitals have the talent to go in and grab a player like Cousins.

The next step in the Redskins pursuit of a quarterback will be to make the draft.

They can draft a quarterback and a receiver to help out the offense if they want, or they can trade down to get one of those two players.

The Redskins could be able use another quarterback to start for them this season and make a playoff run.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a similar situation as the Washington Caps, and there is the possibility that they could make the playoffs with the quarterback they are looking for.

This year the Washington Steelers are ranked seventh in the East and are looking to improve on their record from last year.

The Steelers have the opportunity to be one of their top teams this season with their quarterback, but it’s unlikely that they would be able, and probably won’t be able this season to win with their new quarterback.

The Pittsburgh Steelers would be the ideal team for the Redskins to go after, as Pittsburgh has a strong offensive line and is known to be an aggressive team.

The Baltimore Ravens are in the middle of a rebuild after losing their star quarterback in Ray Lewis, and with the draft now looming, they could look to acquire another quarterback in a trade.

They could target a quarterback from a team like the Dallas Cowboys, who has had their own quarterback struggles this season that could make this a potential problem.

Another team that could be interested in adding a quarterback this year is the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes are a team in need of a young