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Why did it take so long to kill the Wii U version of the Zelda franchise?

We’ve already covered the controversy that is the WiiU version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

But that’s only part of the issue with this particular game, as the Wiiu version is a complete mess.

The game was released on April 21, 2017 and was not a hit.

That means that the first day players were able to purchase the game was April 20.

This is when the developers at Nintendo released their first batch of DLC.

The DLC, which is titled The Link Between Worlds, included new enemies, a new enemy type, new maps, new puzzles, and new abilities.

You also got the ability to purchase more items, including weapons, armor, and consumables.

The Link between Worlds also included new weapons and new stages.

The problem is, most of the DLC was not good.

This was mostly due to a number of flaws, but a few were more significant.

The first is the fact that the Wii game is completely unbalanced, in terms of stats and stats only.

It’s not just the difficulty of the enemies or the gameplay, but also the way they’re balanced.

For example, in The Linkbetween Worlds, the main character is equipped with a sword, which gives him a damage bonus against the enemies that attack him.

However, when the enemy attacks him with a weapon, he will be dealt damage equal to the weapon’s damage.

In other words, his attacks are not as effective.

In The LinkBetween Worlds, this weapon does not do as much damage against the enemy as the weapon itself, but that’s just not the problem.

The real issue here is that it is balanced.

This weapon deals less damage than the weapon it is equipped to, but the other weapons do more damage.

For instance, the sword in The Legend is the strongest weapon in the game, and the sword used by Link in The Adventure of Link only does one hit.

However if the sword is equipped as a weapon and the enemy uses it against the main protagonist, the other enemies will take more damage and take more time to kill.

In the game itself, the weapon that does the most damage is the one equipped to Link, which does one of two things: the sword will deal more damage, or the other weapon will deal less damage.

This means that even though the main characters attack enemies at a certain rate, there is a slight margin of error.

This allows for the main heroes to survive, and makes the game more challenging.

For this reason, the game’s level design is very much geared towards the player who wants to go for the highest possible score.

In addition, the developers did a poor job balancing weapons and armor, as well.

There is one weapon in particular, called the Triforce Sword, which has an inherent disadvantage.

The Triforces are basically shields.

If the Trimestorces die, the player’s armor and weapons will be taken from him, and they will become worthless.

This makes it very hard for the player to kill a certain amount of enemies.

If he’s in the thick of it, it’s not going to be much of a challenge to kill enough enemies to reach the next level.

In order to solve this, the designers decided to make it so that Link could have the Trimmestorcs in the back of his body.

The main character can be carried with the Trims in his back, and it will allow him to move at a slower pace.

In this way, the Trimmer can kill enemies at much faster speeds, and then recover and use his Trims again to kill more enemies.

Unfortunately, this system also means that Link will be unable to equip weapons and shields, and he will need to rely on his Trimmers.

In fact, if you were to equip the Trimmers and Trimmests together, the enemies would be able to kill Link even faster than they would with the normal weapons and Trims.

This leads to a lot of problems.

The most notable example of this is that Link is not able to equip a sword in his backpack and use it as a shield.

This would allow Link to kill enemies faster, but this would also result in a lack of durability for his armor.

For a hero like Link, it is not a very attractive choice, especially since the Trimbers and Trimmers have such a small damage output.

Even though Link’s armor is incredibly durable, this would still not allow him enough protection to survive for a long time.

Another issue with the game is that the enemies do not respawn.

This comes from the fact the developers made the enemies have a very specific strategy.

The enemies will always follow the exact path to the boss, and will always move at the exact speed they would have if they had the same path.

If Link were to die at the end of the boss battle, the enemy would immediately follow the path he took to the last boss.

This will mean that Link cannot fight