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Why I won’t be attending the Super Bowl game

I was one of those people who couldn’t stand the Superbowl because it was being held in my own city.

I was so disappointed that the Patriots weren’t playing, but I couldn’t help but feel a certain amount of pride for my hometown.

It was the first Superbowl I’d attended and I was excited to play in front of my hometown’s biggest fans, because I’d watched so many of my favorite teams compete in the past.

I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to watch the game with my friends and family because I wasn, like, going to be in the stadium with them.

I was really hoping that my hometown Patriots would be able to do it, and I’d been hearing that they were getting ready to do so.

But then, one day, my friend texted me.

“Are you going to watch it?

I really want to, but you have to have your family with you, so we can watch it on the TV.”

That was the only way to get my mind around the possibility of attending the game in my hometown, I thought.

There was no way I was going to go to a Superbowl that my entire family wasn’t going to attend, especially my mom.

But the Patriots were still playing and I couldn, like everyone else, hope that the game would be televised.

I had no idea how big the ratings for the SuperBowl would be, and the Patriots had just won the SuperCoach Trophy.

I thought I’d see a lot of Patriots fans in my neighborhood, and it was hard not to.

So, I went to a few places to watch SuperBoys.

I stayed with my mom in my parents’ basement.

I got the chance to watch my mom and my sister watch the SuperDolphins game on ESPN3.

The SuperBirds were on CBS, and my mom said that she’d love to watch them, too.

But the reality is that this year’s SuperBowler wasn’t my favorite.

I didn’t really like watching the game because I didn and don’t like watching football, especially when there are a lot more games to watch, like college football.

I went to my high school football games, and they were mostly about college teams, and there was always a game at least a month ahead of the SuperGame.

But this year, I didn