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Xbox One: XBox One and PlayStation 4 exclusive games set for release in 2018

After years of teasing, Microsoft is now finally getting to announce some of its biggest and best exclusives.

It’s the first time since 2013 that the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have released two separate games on the same platform.

The games on both platforms have been developed by the same team and are now set to release at the same time, as the two consoles launch at the end of this year.

Xbox One and PS4 exclusives Xbox One is Xbox One exclusive and requires a subscription to Xbox Live to play.

It is priced at £49.99/$59.99.

Xbox One X is Xbox Live exclusive and is priced £59.9/$74.99, or £69.99/£74.9 if you already have a subscription.

Both games will be available to buy and download on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2018.

The Xbox One S is also a limited-edition Xbox One console, but is priced similarly to the console’s predecessor.

The Xbox One will be out on 12 November and the Xbox 360 will be on 14 November.

Xbox 360 exclusivesThe Xbox 360, the last console from Microsoft’s previous console line-up, will be the first console to be released in 2018, with the XBox 360 also launching in 2018 with its own launch bundle.

The console, which launched in 2007, is available to purchase for £249.99 (about $399) and has no monthly subscription, but you’ll be able to access a number of exclusive games and content on the platform in the coming months.

The PS4 is a successor to the Xbox360, and will be released alongside the Xbox at the beginning of 2018, alongside the PlayStation 3.

It has no subscription, and is the first PS4 to be available for purchase, and the first to be sold separately.

Both of the new consoles will be bundled with a new console, the PS4 Slim, which will include a more powerful version of the console, as well as a range of accessories for the console.

Microsoft has also said that the next-gen Xbox One “will be priced at $399” and that “we’ll have a more affordable Xbox One in 2018”.

There’s a good chance that these next-generation consoles will not be sold individually, but in bundles, rather than on their own.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says that the new Xbox One hardware will be “designed with the consumer in mind”.

“It will have an integrated Kinect sensor that’s not just a gimmick,” he told Bloomberg.

“And it will have a 4K HDR console and a high-definition TV.”

It’s worth noting that the Kinect is not a gimmick at all, and many have praised Microsoft for taking the Kinect seriously.

“When we’re designing a console, we need to think about all the things that the consumer wants to see,” Spencer said.

“They need to know what they’re going to get and how it’s going to look.

They need to have a good understanding of the software that we’re building for them.”

If you’re keen to get your hands on an Xbox One but don’t have a Xbox Live subscription, you can sign up to the service for just £39.99 ($59.95) per month.