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Crossfit Games announces NFL-themed games, crossfit-inspired workouts, workout videos

Today we’re excited to announce that CrossfitGames, a leading provider of crossfit and strength training, has partnered with ESPN to bring you some awesome new games and workouts!

Today’s games will be a mix of classic and new and we’re very excited to share them with you all.

You’ll be able to find the games below, as well as the official Crossfit Training Guide, the Crossfit Academy, and more! 

The Games:Crossfit Games has partnered up with ESPN for a new and unique set of Crossfit-themed workout videos!

Crossfit Studios has also announced the first of many upcoming crossfit training programs.

As a new breed of fitness enthusiast, we’re really excited to be working with Crossfit Studios to bring some of our favorite games to life.

We know you’ll love the games, so we’re offering them for free to all Crossfitters.

Get your free workout videos from the CrossFit Games website:  https://www.facebook.com/CrossfitGames/posts/1147372926252954#t=16sThe GamesWorkout Games Games Workshop Games will also be launching some awesome workouts and videos today!

For those of you who don’t know, we recently launched the Cross Fit Games Fitness App for Android and iOS.

The app lets you create, upload, and share your own workouts and workout videos.

The Games will be releasing new Crossfit training apps for Android, iOS, and Android Wear, which will also include a variety of new games. 

The first workout video from today will be released on March 18th at 8:00am PT. 

Stay tuned to our Crossfit website for more info about this new program.