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How free slots will change the NFL playoff picture

The NFL is hoping to get a big game this week, as the two playoff teams fight it out in the AFC championship game, but with only two weeks until the final day of the regular season, there’s plenty of time for free-spending NFL owners to make a profit.

Free-spenders have been making big bucks off the schedule this year.

According to a report in USA Today, the NFLPA says its members will make more than $1 billion in revenue for the upcoming season.

It’s a great start to the year, but it’s also the first time in NFL history the league has ever had two playoff playoff teams fighting for the championship.

So far, only one of the teams has won a game, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and both were swept in the wild-card round.

The NFL’s first-round bye is next weekend, and the league will start the season with a full slate of games, starting with a Thursday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

The teams have already had their share of controversies this year, with the Giants getting fined for their own bounty program and the Cowboys getting fined $1.2 million for illegally using their bye week to practice on a team facility.