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The epic games you don’t know about

It’s been a rough year for the video game industry, and it’s been particularly hard for the gaming community.

While the company that makes Minecraft and other games has been hammered by the US government and Congress over its business practices, other studios are also struggling.

One of those is Epic Games, the makers of games like The Last of Us, Forza, and Sonic Mania.

Epic is now under investigation by the FBI for allegedly misusing tax dollars.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it had hired a new legal team.

The team includes attorneys from the law firm Hogan Lovells, who have worked on previous legal challenges to Epic.

The new team will help the company prepare for the potential lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against Epic Games over the company’s tax practices.

The DOJ, however, will be looking to seize the assets of the company.

According to The New York Times, the DOJ has already threatened Epic with legal action, citing a possible $10 billion tax refund.

In a statement, the FBI says that it has “received information that a former Epic employee has provided to the Department that an alleged scheme by Epic Games to obtain and misappropriate $25 million in federal tax credits may be an abuse of government authorities.”

The investigation is being led by the Criminal Division’s Tax Division, which is a division of the IRS.

The firm has been investigating whether Epic Games misused tax money to pay for the games’ development, and the DOJ says it is not looking into whether Epic intentionally lied to consumers about the financial benefits they would receive from their purchase.