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4K game console is ‘the future’

FourFourSeconds – Facebook’s upcoming 4K gaming console, which the company says will be “the future of gaming,” is currently only available to Kickstarter backers.

But the company is working on getting it to its customers sooner rather than later, and that means the first version of the product is expected to be released in mid-January.

The new 4K console, codenamed Starburst, will be the world’s first “high-end” 4K platform, and it will feature the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs and Nvidia’s own VR software, called the StarCast.

The 4K version of Starburst will be available on a “premium” $2,500 (£1,950) model, which will be made available to backers on or before December 10, and will also feature the company’s proprietary GeForce Experience gaming system.

It will be launched with NVIDIA Pascal graphics chips, but other cards will be supported by the company, too.

The StarCast is a feature-rich VR experience, which includes positional tracking, a depth camera, positional occlusion detection, and three-dimensional depth mapping.

It is expected that the Starburst console will also be compatible with Valve’s SteamVR virtual reality headset, which is currently shipping with the SteamVR app on Android devices.

The new console will come with an 8-core Nvidia GPU.