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Nintendo’s new Metroid game gets an Xbox One release

Posted October 24, 2018 08:33:22Nintendo’s new hit Metroid game is getting a next-gen Xbox One title, the company announced today.

In an announcement that will be seen by many as a hint at Nintendo’s console plans for the future, the Xbox announced that Metroid: Samus Returns is being released in the fall.

The game’s launch on Xbox One, the next-generation of the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles, will be timed to coincide with Nintendo’s fall launch of the game.

The Xbox confirmed that Samus will be the first new character to be released on a console since Nintendo announced its return to the world of Nintendo 3D with Metroid: Other M last November.

Samus is a futuristic cyborg space warrior who fights against a variety of enemies.

She has the power to harness the power of gravity and is able to control gravity by manipulating the magnetic fields in her body.

She can also shoot a beam of light, which causes a massive blast of electricity.

Metroid: The Official Game Guide has more details about Samus’ powers and the game’s story.

The Metroid series, which spans more than four decades, was originally released for the Game Boy Advance and Super NES in 1995 and 1999.