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What you need to know about the NBA’s blockbuster game-day deals

It’s been a tumultuous week for NBA games.

After the NBA announced that the NBA 2K17 season pass would go on sale Monday, fans and NBA players alike began boycotting games.

The league’s two highest-profile owners — Kevin Durant and Larry Ellison — both withdrew from the game, leaving just the league’s commissioner and commissioner of basketball operations, who are both part of the NBAPA.

The NBAPA was among the biggest players in the boycott, which it dubbed the NBA2K17 movement.

ESPN NFL Nation’s Brian Windhorst spoke with ESPN’s Mark Schlabach about the boycott and what it means for the NBA and the NBA games industry.1.

The boycott is now officially a business decision.

Will the boycotters take it to the next level?

Will it change the NBA?

I don’t think that it will.

I think what the players have been asking for and what the owners have been getting for what they’re paying for is not enough.

And if you have to go to the negotiating table with players that don’t have any leverage, I don’t know if that will change anything.


The season pass, which is still going to be sold on Amazon, is not on sale until January 2.

Will this impact sales?

We’re seeing a lot of interest in the season pass now that the season is over.

I’m not sure how the season will be impacted at this point, but it’s still going on sale.


This is the third time this year that the league has come under fire for paying players who have earned the majority of their earnings before they hit the free agency market.

This season was particularly intense because of the lockout.

Is this just a case of players not getting paid?

I think that’s a little bit of a stretch.

I mean, we’ve seen some players that were really paid off, some that weren’t. I don