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Which game are you?

The game that started it all: The Settlers of Catan.

A little bit of everything.

You’ve probably heard of Settlers, and you’ve probably played it a lot.

It’s a strategy game in which you build a town with the aim of conquering it, and then you must defend it from the invasion.

It’s an enduring classic, and it’s also one of the few games in the world that can be played in real time, without having to wait for a full game to finish.

The original Settlers was released in 1994, and has since been adapted for smartphones, tablets, and PC.

GameSpot caught up with its co-creator, Tim Schafer, about how the game was created and the enduring appeal of the card game.

How did the game come to be?

Tim Schafer: We were working on the original Settler back in 1996.

The game was still pretty much an idea in our heads.

When we were working for Microsoft, we were trying to figure out how to build a game that would be competitive with the big-budget games that were out there.

And I remember when we were talking about it, I was thinking, “Wow, this game could have been so much bigger than the Settlers.”

It was a great challenge, because we were building it for an iPad.

Tim: I remember seeing a prototype and thinking, I don’t know what this game is, but it’s really cool.

What was the original plan for the game?

The original plan was to put it on a board, and we were doing that for about five years.

We had some ideas of how to do the graphics, but that’s kind of all it was.

The Settlers is a card game in the classic card game Settlers: The Card Game.

The card game is a strategy card game, where you take the pieces of a card and build up a deck of cards.

You have five cards, and they are all equal to each other.

Each card is worth one point, so you get to keep one at the start of the game.

How many cards does the game have?

It has eight different kinds of cards, each with different types of strengths and weaknesses.

There are three colors of cards in the game, and all of them have different strengths and weakness, but the biggest difference is that there is only one color of each card, so it can’t have different colors of different strengths.

I can see the appeal of having a strategy, and a game where you can have a real-time, real-world, strategy experience. 

Why did you choose the Settler brand?

When I was a kid, my dad took me to the first Settlers game at the store, and he had me try it out.

I remember my dad was really excited.

He loved the game and loved the concept, so he decided that he wanted to get his own Settlers board game.

He had an idea that he was going to build, and I just had to jump on board.

Was there a specific time when you decided that you wanted to make a Settlers product? 

No, we wanted to keep our focus on making games.

When did you decide to do a board game? 

When I first started developing a boardgame, I thought about it as an opportunity to take my son and put it into a game, so we started with the Settlements board game for him.

We ended up doing it three years later. 

What was it like designing the Settles game?

I think it was a big learning experience for me.

I was very interested in the idea of trying to do something that was very difficult to do on a mobile device, where the cards are different from each other and you have to understand what each one does.

I didn’t want to create a game with a lot of cards that weren’t very easy to play, because it was very hard to teach people how to play.

I wanted to teach them to see the game in real-life terms, so that when they started playing it, they understood what was happening.

You’ve created an enormous, huge world, and its got so many things to do.

What’s it like to draw that huge world?

It’s very hard for me to draw a large, big world.

Do you have a particular kind of card you’re drawing?

What’s the process?

I have a lot, and every time I draw a card, I take the same amount of time and effort.

The process is very similar for every card.

I can’t do everything at once, so I’m trying to make sure that each card is different in its own way.

I’m always looking for the most interesting card that I can find. 

When is the next game?

I think it will be a while.

We’re working on a sequel. Is it